Top 5 Worst Rewards in Video Games

Nothing is better than spending hours on a game completing a task and receiving horrible rewards. *Cough* The skies are not the same. Sorry… It’s the most painful thing you could ever imagine that you were grinding for an hour before a joke became so insulted. Nothing stifles the motor more than bad rewards. This list by us here at Duck Blogs is in no specific order of the worst prizes found in video games.

Get a little achievement for completing Rock Band 2’s Endless Setlist without pausing

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Rock bands have a great song list. how would one react when they marathon all the tracks of their game from start to finish? Tell me the reason behind the lack of pause? Hopefully, there’s a group of friends who will rotate in. If you have everything you need before the first day, you will be in the long run. Completion of 59 song row takes you almost four hours and once it’s over you’ll be able to “Won’t Be Fooled.” If you feel particularly masochistic then you should try Steelblade Achievement in Rockband 2.

Catching 10,000 moat carp gets you a fishing rod and a whole lot of regret in Final Fantasy 11

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In an MMORPG the aim is more than simply killing enemies and earning money. It involves performing numerous bare tasks in hopes of earning money and learning new abilities. Although this might be standard fare for genres, there is no sidequest as simple — or insulting — as trying to catch the moated carp in Final Fantasy 11. Ideally, you should make countless hours collecting and delivering these easily caught fish and then putting them back to your local fish farm and preparing them for sale.

Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2’s bullshit flags and feathers

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Are we able to explain why there’s nothing to be found? Try capturing 420 flags from the original Creed of the Assassins’ Creed. Each flag is cleverly concealed in places Altair could never go if he were only searching for these tainted flags. What do you want to get in Sisyphus? Some accomplishments. Thank you. Assassins Creed 2 has the decency to link its useless collection quest into the plot, as you search your dying brother’s feet collection one quill for one.

Beating Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 gets you some powerful rewards which you probably needed to beat them in the first place

If you play “Final Fantasy 7,” you may know of Emerald and Ruby’s Weapons lingering around your room while exploring. These guys are mighty, screen-filled monsters that can annihilate you if not prepared. If you do it, then you will be given a huge reward. Destroying Emerald Weapon grants you an item you can buy in exchange for a couple of maxed-out Materials. Destroying Ruby Weapon provides you with a valuable item that you’re able to use as a substitute. That golden Chocobo travels in places the airship cannot get to, including the caves that house Knight of the Round, the strongest summon in the game. Why Is It Important?

100 Skultulla Coins give you infinite Rupees when you don’t even need them in The Ocarina of Time

Despite being regarded to be a collective masterpiece Zelda games also include many ingenious collecting items for the masochistic complete. One of the most traumatic moments is when a person snatches 100 golden skulls of Tula’s on the Ocarina of Time with some rupees to reward. Finding some dozen golden spiders is worth it as it unlocks your biggest wallet. The last is just a 500 Rupee if you visit the search site.

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