Worst Items in Video Games: A Definitive List

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How many times have you found yourself searching for the best items in video games? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s so frustrating to buy an item that turns out to be absolutely useless and worse than its peers. That’s why we at Duck Blogs have compiled this list of the worst items in video games so you don’t waste your money or time on items like these anymore!

Money – (some RPGs)

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Don’t get me wrong money is super important in video games and in real life too but in video games, you always find an abundance of it so it becomes useless after a while. When you have the best gear already in the game there’s not really a point in having money to buy anything. Take for example Skyrim, when you become the strongest person in the world what are you going to spend the hundreds of thousands of coins that you collected on? Mead is like the only thing at this point. Game developers need a way to make money rarer to find in games and maybe making good armor that’s worth buying in the shops would be good as well

Food (Fallout)

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Fallout is a post-apocalyptic game with a setting in the 1980s. The Fallout games take place over the United States from Las Vegas to Boston. But the worst thing in Fallout is food. Don’t get me wrong if you play hardcore mode where you have to eat or drink to survive then yeah food is awesome. In normal gameplay, you don’t need to even pick up food at all. Food might be good for the early game when you don’t have a ton of other healing items but towards mid to late game food does little to nothing for your health. I hope in future games you get to cook with the food to make better stuff for your health.

Toy Mega Buster (Dead Rising)

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Who doesn’t like Dead Rising? This wacky zombie game is amazing but there are a ton of weapons that are useless but not as useless as the toy mega buster. This ping pong ball shooter is funny to use but won’t even take down a zombie with a clip. So if you’re looking for good weapons to slay zombies stay away from this one.

Alcohol (most games)

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Alcohol in most games is like money in most RPGs, useless. Alcohol doesn’t have a lot of uses in video games and when they do they aren’t used as much. Alcohol in Skyrim and Fallout is pretty useless and can just get you drunk and addicted pretty fast which is something that no one likes. I hope game developers make alcohol still have the blurry effect but maybe add to your punching or you can vomit on people. I’m not sure how they will do it but it will be cool to use alcohol for combat and not just as a gimmick.

Final Thoughts

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My final thoughts on useless items in games are pretty straightforward and a ton of people will agree with me on this. But I hope future games fix these issues and make them useful again.

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