Why Is My PlayStation So Loud? 5 Potential Reasons

Why is my PlayStation so loud? This can be an irritating question, especially if you enjoy playing it in the middle of the night. Fortunately, there are five reasons why your PlayStation may be louder than usual—and we at Duck Blogs will talk about each one to help you determine which of these causes your problem and how to fix it.

1) The fans are dirty

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If you’re noticing a lot of noise from your PS4, it might be time to clean out those fans. Dust buildup can interfere with how smoothly your console runs and might even lead to failure down the road. It’s easy enough to take apart your PS4 and give it a good cleaning; we have instructions here. Just make sure not to use too much water when you do—you don’t want anything shorting out!

2) Fan blade is cracked

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If your PS4 is suddenly super loud, there could be a problem with your fan blades. These spin to pull in cool air and expel hot air from within your console, but over time, repeated use can cause them to crack and break. If one does fail completely, you’ll likely hear a rattling sound from the inside (or outside) of your PS4 as it runs. When that happens, consider yourself lucky—it means that your PS4 isn’t overheating and shutting down. The next step is figuring out how to fix it so that doesn’t happen again!

3) The HDD needs to be replaced

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The hard drive or disk drive of your PlayStation might be spinning too quickly, meaning it’s louder than usual. This can cause a humming noise in your console and doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with your hardware—this just means that you might need to upgrade some hardware (in other words, buy a new HDD).

4) Something is wrong with the power supply

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If your PS4 is making a loud humming sound, it’s likely that something is wrong with its power supply. The most common reason for its failure is moisture, which will cause corrosion in certain parts of the console. This can lead to some very expensive repairs. Make sure you keep your PS4 dry!

5) It’s a stuck fan motor

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It’s a simple fix, but if your PS4 is making an unusual amount of noise, you may have a problem with a fan. This can happen if something gets caught in your fan blades and prevents them from spinning properly. You can usually hear it when you boot up the system or play games. If so, unplug your PS4 for about five minutes and then plug it back in.

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