Why ELDEN RING is so popular and why you should be playing it too

Have you ever heard of the new MMORPG game Elden Ring? It’s finally released and everyone is talking about it! If you aren’t up to date with this new gaming craze. Here at Duck Blog we found some reasons why you should be playing it too! You can also just get the video version of this blog here.

What is this game?

Elden Ring is a new game created by FromSoftware, which also created games like Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s an action-adventure RPG that will have players exploring a vast world full of monsters to fight, puzzles to solve, and quests to complete. Elden Ring takes place in a fantasy setting with magic, swords, bows & arrows; pretty much everything you would expect from an RPG.

Where to get it

It’s available on Steam here. The normal version costs you $59.99 or the Deluxe edition is $79.99. If you don’t have a PC or just prefer consoles, ELDEN RING is available on the Xbox and Playstation as well (find them here: XBOX PLAYSTATION.

Things that make this game fun

It’s big, free, challenging, but most importantly it has a very active community of players who are always willing to help out newbies. Not only that but there’s also an active youtube community creating tutorials for newcomers! What’s even better about Elden Ring is that every class has its own personality so to speak which makes each character unique in their own way. I would totally recommend giving Elden Ring a try if you’re looking for a fun open-world RPG to play with your friends 🙂

How to play

The game has a unique character progression system that allows for some serious customization. Players can choose from one of four classes, each with its own specialties. They then get to pick from two subclasses, which further define their playstyle. Once they’ve selected their class, players are given a choice between two weapons: one for close-range combat and another for long-range attacks. The final step in character creation is choosing an Elden Ring faction, which gives them access to special skills and abilities based on how they want to play. It’s an incredibly robust system that allows for tons of variation—and there are even more options available as players level up!

Tips for staying safe

Although some of us choose to live dangerously, ELDEN RING doesn’t come without risks. To stay safe as a player, there are a few things you need to know: Leveling up efficiently has never been easier with Elden Ring’s auto-quest system, but that also means it can be easy to miss certain items or monsters during your journey. If at any point during your travels you see an unfamiliar monster, run! All monsters not of your level are deadly in Elden Ring, even if they appear friendly at first glance.

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