12 Best White PC Cases in 2022

Gaming PC cases can come in many forms. The recent trends have also shown some color choices. It’s a personal preference. Those who use white cases can tell you that they are more luxurious. The white-colored interior on the PC case makes the RGB lamps look more pleasing. Finished White Computer Cases are brighter and visually attractive if they are combined with matching white components. The white computer case is a very nice product to have on the market. White PC cases are definitely nicer as they normally always add to the aesthetics of the setup. If you want your PC to stand out, there’s no better color than white. However, not all white cases are created equal. Some are less sturdy than others, while others don’t hold up well in certain climates or locations. Here’s our list at Duck Blogs of the 10 best white PC cases you can buy right now, ranked by performance and design quality. We go over everything from tempered glass panels, and cable management, to making sure all the internal components have enough space in the white PC case. So sit back and take a look at what we have to say about the best white PC cases out there on the market today.


At the bottom of our list is the INWIN A1 PLUS, this case is not super bad since it’s in our list. But this mini ITX is not as flashy as its larger cousins, micro ATX cases, but it still is good enough to get the job done. This white PC case has a transparent plastic stand which lets the RGB lighting through but with how small the A1 PLUS is it doesn’t matter with components blocking light. A plus side on this small form factor computer case is that InWin includes a power supply unit in this case so you don’t have to buy another one or try to make yours fit, just drop your pants in and you’re good to go. Heating is not too much of a problem with this white PC case, even tho it does have a tempered glass side panel and a normal front panel to keep the heat in. The price is what sets this mini ITX case from being higher on the list. There are bigger and cheaper mini ITX and micro ATX PC cases that outshine the A1 Plus. But overall it’s not in the worst mini ITX cases blog yet so it still can get you what you need. Definitely, we would choose a cheaper and bigger white PC case instead.


There are definitely cheaper and bigger mini ITX cases out there but none can compare to what this PC case has. Cooler Master is just an amazing site for all things cooling. They definitely know how to make a PC case with good airflow and can allow for beefy components inside of a small form factor PC case. This case might be lower on the best white PC cases but it packs a punch with what it can fit. You get a total of 7 fan mounts if you go with the mesh panel on the front. This can also fit a mini ITX in it for optimized gaming. The NR200P also comes with a PCIe extension cable so you can put that nice-looking graphics card vertically for more style. While this white PC case is not the biggest compared to other micro ATX cases, it still can keep your components nice and cool if you choose the parts wisely. Of course, if you don’t want to install more fans, you could build a liquid cooling system inside of the NR200P. This PC case comes with radiator support up to 280 mm, which is pretty impressive for how small this PC case is. Overall it’s a small form factor PC case that can be used if you don’t have a lot of space in your house or office.

10. Fractal Design Torrent White TG Clear Tint

If you’re looking in the mid-tower cases section for a clean-looking white pc case then take a look at Fractal Design’s Torrent. The design is top-notch: straight edges and smooth angles give it a professional look that’ll fit right into your office or home setup. The nice-looking tempered glass panel completes this awesome case. Cooling systems like a custom-made liquid cooling system could be installed with tons of RGB lighting to make this case nice. This PC case will fit any ATX, Micro ATX, or even a mini ITX motherboard case. There is enough space in the case for 3 hard drives and 4 SSD slots. And its price tag is extremely reasonable considering what you get.

9. CORSAIR 7000D Airflow

The CORSAIR 7000D Airflow is a solid full tower case with good looks and easy installation. It comes with 3 pre-installed fans and room for a couple more if you need to. This case uses mesh on its front panel that creates good cooling solutions. The dust filters on this white PC case are super accessible so you are able to clean your gaming PC when you want. The water cooling system that you are able to put in this case is excellent, letting you run with good radiator support. This white gaming PC case is one of the best airflow cases on the market. The price for this white PC case is definitely worth it. With how cooled your internal components will be and how customizable this case can be, it’s well worth the money.


CORSAIR is just amazing at making the best white PC cases on the market, the ICUE 7000X is no different. This PC case comes with tempered glass to show off your RGB lighting skills. This full tower case is just one of a kind. It is roughly 40 to 60 percent larger than your normal full tower case which makes putting all the components in there easier and simple. The tempered glass side panels swing out and the cable management, in this case, is just marvelous. This case is definitely worth the price it’s being listed at and would recommend it for any gaming PC build.

7. Thermaltake Core V1

If you’re looking for a great mini ITX, excellent cable management options, and good looks for a cheap price tag, Thermaltake’s Core V1 is probably right up your alley. This white mini ITX case is super compact. You won’t be able to fit any huge components in here but it is still well worth the price. You can customize this white PC case to your desire, it has changeable side panels so you can put in a tempered glass side panel if you wanted to. Although it may not be everyone’s first choice, there are plenty of reasons why we think it deserves some recognition. If nothing else, its low price is hard to argue with.

6. Asus TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition

Just like their peripherals, ASUS makes a ton of PC cases. They are both super good at what they do. If you are looking for a mid-tower ATX case then the Asus TUF Gaming GT501 is for you. What makes this different is that the tempered glass side panel is a smoky color which is super nice for darker builds. Not only does it come with 3 pre-installed fans in front and 1 in the back to keep your system cool but it also comes with enough space for cable management and extra fan mounts for being the cooler master of your build. The dust filters on this thing will keep your PC case and power supply nice and clean. With two USB 3.0 ports for quick plug-and-play devices as well as four more internal USB 2.0 ports, you can connect all of your favorite accessories without having to unplug others or juggle them around to find an open slot!


If you’re looking for one of the best white PC cases on the market that has good cable management, tempered glass side panels, and is able to fit any motherboard from micro ATX, Mini ITX, to just regular ATX then this is one of the best mid-tower cases for you. This is an almost entirely white case that uses tempered glass and a simple design to keep things from getting out of hand. It’s also one of the very few cases on our list that utilizes aluminum instead of steel for its framework. As an added bonus, it comes equipped with two fans for front-to-back airflow so you can make sure your rig stays cool even under heavy use. This budget white PC case is amazing with RGB lighting so you can show off to your friends that you have one of the best white PC cases out there.

4. NZXT H210

This mini ITX tower is a great all-around case. If you’re looking for a standard white PC case that can be used as an office or home PC case, you can’t go wrong with it. The reviews are generally positive, so you can feel confident that your purchase will be well worth it. The power supply in this thing is located at the bottom like any other PC case. While not as big as other PC cases built by NZXT, it’s still a nice computer case. The front panel is not meshed so while it doesn’t have the greatest airflow on this list, the H210 is still one of the best white PC cases on the market. The front panel also has only one USB port so you would have to add a USB hub to this computer case. For how much it normally runs for in terms of money. This definitely has earned the number 4 spot for best PC cases.

3. CORSAIR Crystal 280X

The Crystal 280X is a newer model of Corsair’s cube-style cases like the Carbide Air 240. This white PC case has RGB lighting in the form of ICUE to light up the beauty of this white PC. The tempered glass window is there to show off the amazing parts in this micro ATX case. It’s quite roomy inside (with space for up to three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans), but some users have reported that installing drives may be tricky. The dust filters and the closed-off front panel might have you looking for a different PC case. But with the air cooling that you can set up in here, the heat won’t be that big of a problem. That said, it does look good and it has to be part of the best white PC cases on the market.

2. NZXT H510

There is no denying that NZXT’s H510 is one of the best white PC cases available. This white mid-tower case offers excellent cable management options, advanced cooling, lightweight design, and a few extra features. that you can carry around without any issues. This white PC case is on the mid-range side of pricing. While it does have more features than the cheaper ones, it still lacks certain things. The front panel situation has always been a problem with NZXT, and this PC case is no exception. The tempered glass side panel is nice and small so you don’t have to take out such a large piece of glass. You also get easy access to all major components including memory slots and PCI-E ports compared to other major PC cases which make it harder to upgrade. Overall this white PC case is good but it does have its drawbacks with limited airflow with the front panel.


The Thermaltake View 51 is our favorite white PC case for several reasons. It has even more tempered glass than the other Thermaltake core PC cases. The micro ATX size is good for an inexpensive build and doesn’t overwhelm your space. Unlike the other best white PC cases on our list, the Thermaltake view 51 opted for more tempered glass panels by putting on on top of the build for more of a bling bling. This mid-tower case is looking good as our number one spot in the best white PC cases list. The cable management on this is spectacular as well as the magnetic dust filter on this PC case. This white PC does have an issue with heat since it has three tempered glass panels all along with this PC case, the normal tempered glass side panel, the front panel, and the tempered glass panel on the top of the build. But with how many fan mounts, the pre-installed fans, and the ability to install custom water cooling makes this out number one white PC case on this list.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are starting out in the gaming PC world or just looking for some of the best white PC cases to upgrade your rig, each of these white PC cases has something different whether it is cable management, does it support micro ATX or mini ITX, does it have a mesh front panel, or does the tempered glass look nice. If you are looking for a white PC case then you definitely are looking more towards the style of your PC case than if it works or not. We don’t blame you! All of us at Duck Blogs are more interested in the style of our PC cases and making sure it matches how it looks over anything else.

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