Tips on Leveling up in ARK Survival Evolved

If you love Ark survival evolved as much as we do at Duck Blogs then you know how many times you had to start on a new map and be so low level. Being low-leveled in Ark is super fun as you are scared of what is on the map that may want to eat you. It does get old after a while trying to level up in Ark so we have taken a look at the best way to level fast in Ark.

This guide is going to assume that you are starting from level one on a new island but if you are not skip ahead to see what is the best way to level up for your level.

Make Tools (Level 1-5)

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When you just first starting make sure you get tools and start going ham on resources to get more levels and resources to help you.

Craft Thatch Foundations (Level 5-10)

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When you craft your tools make sure you get resources so you can get thatch foundations. You can use them to build a simple house or workshop or if you don’t care about it then just toss them onto the ground. This may not be the best method after around level 10 but for lower levels it’s good.

Craft Wooden Foundations (Level 10-15)

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This is the same as the thatch foundations just with wood. These costs a ton of wood but leveling up in Ark is hard work so sticking with crafting wooden foundations for a couple of levels won’t be too hard.

Build Wooden Rafts (Level 15-20)

survival evolved

Head on down to the beach for this next lesson as you need water to put these bad boys on. With tons of hiding, wood, thatch, and fiber these things are expensive but they are worth it with leveling up in Ark during this stage of the game. Don’t throw them away as you can use them or demolish them to get back half your resources.

Build a Base and Make Forges (Level 20-25)

survival evolved

Now that you are level 20 but you aren’t old enough to drink legally yet in America but that’s beside the point. You can start working towards getting metal tools. You should build some forges so you can start smelting metal and getting a smithy. With a smithy, you can craft a crossbow, rifle, and metal tools that will make your life so much easier for taming or just staying alive.

More Rafts & Explorer Notes (Level 25-50)

I know I know not the most exciting thing building more rafts but it is a good way to level up during the early/mid-game. If you get explorer notes you can double or even quadruple your XP rate which will be good to get you up to levels.

Kill, Tame, Repeat (level 50-)

survival evolved

Once you get to level 50 you start getting engrams for more aggressive dinosaurs which you can tame to ride around on. Ride around on your dino and kill everything in sight. The higher level and more aggressive the dino you kill the more XP you and your dino will get.

Alpha Killing

Killing Alpha dinosaurs is really great in getting XP as they are more difficult to kill and kill you if you aren’t prepared.

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