Scientist Guide in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The Scientist class in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 serves as the healer for the zombie team, with a unique twist. Unlike the Sunflower class, Scientists can dish out substantial damage while simultaneously healing their allies. Their upgraded heal beam and shotgun-style weapons make them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Not only are Scientists incredibly versatile, but they also excel at healing and reviving teammates quickly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to play the Scientist class effectively and delve into the abilities of each variant.

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This in-depth guide will cover the following aspects of the Scientist class:

  1. Basic Gameplay and Abilities – Understanding how to play the Scientist class and their various abilities.
  2. Scientist Variants – An overview of each unique Scientist variant.
  3. Character Upgrades – A rundown of the upgrades available for the Scientist class.

Basic Gameplay and Abilities

Armed with a Goo Blaster shotgun, the Scientist is most effective at close range. To close the distance, the class possesses a warp ability that enables them to teleport a short distance, allowing for quick engagements or escapes.

With 100 health, Scientists can function as an offensive class by using their warp ability to surprise enemies and quickly eliminate them with their Goo Blaster. Additionally, they have a sticky bomb ability for extra damage while retreating or healing allies.

Remember, as a Scientist, your primary role is to heal and revive your team, so keep an eye on their health even when playing offensively.


  • Heal Beam of Science: A continuous beam that links to a targeted player, healing them as long as you remain in proximity. You can move, shoot, and perform other actions while the Heal Beam is active.
    • Alternate Ability: Zombie Heal Station – Deploys a station with a purple substance that heals all nearby zombies, including yourself.
    • Alternate Ability: Armored Heal Station – Similar to the regular heal station, but more durable and self-destructs after a set duration.
  • Warp: Teleports you a short distance, useful for engaging plants, escaping danger, or traversing the battlefield more quickly.
    • Alternate Ability: Energy Warp – Transforms you into pure energy for a brief period, during which you take no damage.
  • Sticky Explody Ball: Throws a sticky ball that adheres to surfaces and explodes.
    • Alternate Ability: Mega Heal Bomb – Launches a large bomb that rolls and eventually explodes, releasing a healing burst.

Scientist Variants

  • Marine Biologist: Wields a Dolphin Blaster that fires fish at enemies, featuring a 6-ammo capacity and faster firing rate than the base variant.
  • Dr. Toxic: Deals toxic damage over time with a 5-ammo capacity and damages nearby enemies passively.
  • Physicist: Fires electric energy that chains through multiple foes with a 5-ammo capacity and longer range than the base variant.
  • Astronaut: A long-range, rapid-fire weapon with a 15-ammo capacity that fires single moon rocks rather than a typical shotgun spread.
  • Chemist: Requires extremely close range but deals massive damage with a 6-ammo capacity.
  • Archaeologist: Shoots gold and treasure from an Excavator gun, boasting a 12-ammo capacity and faster firing rate than the base variant.
  • Paleontologist: Deals fire damage over time with a 12-ammo capacity.

Zoologist: A fully automatic shotgun with a 9-ammo capacity, dealing serious close-range damage at roughly the same range as the Chemist but with a slightly lower damage output due to the increased firing rate and ammo count.

  • Computer Scientist: A legendary variant with an 8-ammo capacity and a meter that fills upon getting kills. When the meter is full, Crunch Mode activates, granting increased movement speed and damage output.

Scientist Character Upgrades

Character upgrades become available at levels 5 and 9 for the Scientist class. Upon reaching level 10, you can promote the class, resetting it to level 1 and allowing further leveling to unlock upgrades.

Here is a list of character upgrades for the Scientist class, including the level and rank at which they are unlocked:


  • Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade (Level 5): Reduces the time before your health regenerates.
  • Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases your movement speed.


  • Health Regeneration Upgrade (Level 5): Enhances the rate at which your health regenerates.
  • Reload Speed (Level 9): Increases the speed of weapon reloading.


  • Ammo Upgrade (Level 5): Increases the ammo capacity of your weapon.
  • Reload Speed (Level 9): Increases the speed of weapon reloading.


  • Damage Upgrade (Level 5): Boosts the damage dealt by your weapon.

Super Elite

  • Health Upgrade (Level 5): Increases your maximum health.

Notably, no upgrades are unlocked at level 9 for the last two ranks. Once you reach level 5 of Super Elite, leveling is no longer necessary for character upgrades. Instead of Zoom, Scientists receive two reload upgrades that stack.

By mastering the Scientist class in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, you can become a powerful healer and attacker, making you an invaluable asset to your team. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-tier Scientist. Good luck, and happy healing!

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