Our Best Video Game Memes

You’ve probably heard of some of the big video game memes – like Game Informer dubbing the boss fight in Metal Gear Solid 2 as the hardest thing ever, or the infamous press B to not die quote from Battletoads – but have you seen our best video game memes? Here at Duck Blog, we have five of our favorites! If you have any we missed, let us know in the comments!

GTA Hot Dog Vendor

This meme is always a classic. In the GTA series, there are always bystanders that don’t say anything even tho you rob or hurt some random civilian. This man will always sell you a hot dog with a smile on his face even those he witnesses your crimes.

Wears Hood But Leaves Cleavage Exposed

We all know a game where girls have very unnecessary armor. Like a bikini has a better armor rating than a steel chest plate, yeah right. This lady wears a hood over her face to protect her from the sunlight as she’s a vampire, but she leaves a hole exposing her cleavage. It doesn’t make sense.

Mashing Buttons Meme

We all know the trick right? If you smash the attack button, the attack is stronger right? Well, it may not be actually true but we all still do it to this day.

One More Game

We all get sucked into that one game where it just takes us into that world where we just can’t stop playing. You start at night with the boys for an hour or so then BAM it’s dawn.

Time Played

Ah, the classic. Everyone hates a certain game but has more time on the game than a person that loves the game. Can’t tell me you hate the game with 15 days played huh??

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