Master the Imp Class & Variants | PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Guide

The Imp class in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is a nimble, fast-paced combatant that can unleash devastating damage while avoiding enemy fire. Mastering the Imp class will require quick reflexes and a keen understanding of its unique abilities and variants, making it a challenging but rewarding experience.

This comprehensive guide will help you become an expert Imp player, teaching you everything you need about its abilities, character upgrades, strategies, and variants.

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This guide will cover the following aspects of the Imp class:

  1. Basic Gameplay and Abilities – Understanding Imp’s role and unique abilities.
  2. Imp Variants – Each variant for the Imp class and their special abilities.
  3. Character Upgrades – A list of the upgrades available for the Imp class.

Basic Gameplay and Abilities

The Imp’s primary weapon is the Imp Blasters, which are dual rapid-fire guns that deal moderate damage at close range. With only 75 health, the Imp is fragile and relies on agility and evasion to survive on the battlefield.


  • Gravity Grenade: Throws a grenade that creates a gravitational field, trapping and suspending nearby enemies in the air.
  • Impkata: Rapidly spins and fires Imp Blasters in all directions, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Z-Mech: Summons a powerful, heavily-armed Z-Mech for a limited time, increasing health and firepower.

Imp Variants

  1. Z7 Imp: This variant’s primary weapon is the Z7 Imp Blasters, which deal more damage per shot but have a slower rate of fire. The Z7 Imp also has a unique Z-Mech inspired by the Mass Effect series.
  2. Lil’ Drake: This fire-themed variant deals fire damage over time with its primary weapon, the Drake Blasters. Lil’ Drake’s Z-Mech is equipped with a flamethrower for close-range combat.
  3. Pylon Imp: The Pylon Imp uses the Pylon Imp Blasters, which shoot explosive projectiles. Its Z-Mech is armed with explosive weaponry and can deploy Pylon Mines.
  4. S.H.R.Imp: With its laser-based S.H.R.Imp Blasters, this variant deals splash damage and has a more extended range. Its Z-Mech is equipped with a laser cannon and can create an energy barrier.
  5. Party Imp: This legendary variant gains a damage boost and movement speed increase when its Party Time meter is filled. Its primary weapon and Z-Mech abilities are similar to the base Imp.

Character Upgrades

Character upgrades become available at levels 5 and 9 for the Imp class. Upon reaching level 10, you can promote the class, resetting it to level 1 and allowing further leveling to unlock more upgrades.

Here is a list of character upgrades for the Imp class, including the level and rank at which they are unlocked:


  • Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade (Level 5): Reduces the time before your health regenerates.
  • Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases your movement speed.


  • Health Regeneration Upgrade (Level 5): Enhances the rate at which your health regenerates.
  • Reload Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases the speed at which you reload your weapon.


  • Ammo Upgrade (Level 5): Increases the ammo capacity of your primary weapon.
  • Reload Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases the speed at which you reload your weapon.


  • Damage Upgrade (Level 5): Boosts the damage dealt by your primary weapon.

Super Elite

  • Health Upgrade (Level 5): Increases your maximum health.

No upgrades are unlocked at level 9 for the last two ranks. Once you reach level 5 of Super Elite, leveling is no longer necessary for character upgrades.

You’ll become a formidable force on the battlefield by mastering the Imp class and its variants in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. With high mobility, powerful abilities, and the devastating Z-Mech, the Imp is a force to be reckoned with. Follow this guide, and you’ll be an expert Imp player quickly.

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