How to Tame Dinosaurs in Ark: A Beginner’s Guide

How to tame dinosaurs in Ark

The Basics: Taming Dinosaurs in Ark

Ark Survival Evolved is a popular survival game where players find themselves stranded on a mysterious island filled with wild creatures and dangerous enemies. In order to survive and progress through the game, players must learn how to tame dinosaurs.

Tamed dinos can be used for various purposes such as riding, gathering resources, and providing protection against other animals. The process of taming wild dinos involves tranq arrows and food.

First, you need to shoot the dinosaur with tranquilizer arrows until it falls unconscious. Then, you need to feed it with the appropriate food so that it remains sedated while you tame it.

The Importance of Taming Dinosaurs

Taming dinosaurs in Ark is crucial for survival and progression in the game. Most creatures on the island are dangerous and can easily kill players who are not prepared.

Tamed dinos provide an extra layer of protection against these enemies, making exploration safer. In addition, tamed dinosaurs have higher damage output than their wild counterparts, making them valuable allies when attacking enemy bases or hunting for resources.

They also have unique abilities that can aid players in various tasks such as flying or swimming. Overall, taming dinosaurs is a necessary aspect of Ark Survival Evolved that most players will need to master if they hope to thrive on the island of Far’s Peak.

Preparing for Taming

Gathering necessary resources (tranquilizer arrows, narcotics, food)

Before you heal players can even think about taming a dinosaur in Ark Survival Evolved, you need to gather the necessary resources. This includes tranquilizer arrows, narcotics, and food.

Tranquilizer arrows are used to put the dinosaur to sleep so that you can begin taming it. Narcotics are used to keep it sedated during the taming process.

And food is used to feed it as it wakes up and recovers from being knocked out. To make tranquilizer arrows, you will need to gather a few basic resources: stone arrows, spoiled meat or raw meat (depending on the dino), and narcoberries or narcotic mushrooms.

Once you have these items, use your bow and arrow to shoot at a dinosaur until it falls unconscious. Then use narcotics or narcoberries on its inventory to keep it asleep while you tame it.

Choosing the right dinosaur to tame based on personal needs and goals

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Finding a Dinosaur to Tame

Scouting locations where desired dinosaur spawns

Now that you have all the resources required for taming, it’s time to find the dinosaur you want to tame. Different dinosaurs spawn in different areas of the map, so figuring out where your desired dinosaur is most likely to be found is important.

One of the best ways to do this is by checking online resources such as interactive maps and forums. After finding possible locations, it’s best to scout them carefully before starting the taming process.

Some areas may be more dangerous than others and full of other creatures that could attack during the process. For example, if you’re trying to tame a herbivore like a Triceratops, avoid areas where carnivores such as Raptors or Carnotaurus are known to roam.

Understanding the behavior and habits of the target dinosaur

Before shooting tranquilizer arrows at a dinosaur, it’s important to understand its behavior and habits. Knowing how it moves, what it eats, and how it defends itself can help you prepare for taming and avoid losing progress due to mistakes during the process.

For example, some dinosaurs require different types of food while being tamed. Herbivores prefer vegetables and berries while carnivores require meat – make sure you bring enough food with you before going out on your hunt!

Additionally, some creatures may have low health or damage output which means they don’t pose much threat if they attack while others like Snow Owls may require special care due to their ability for healing. Overall, careful scouting and understanding of target dinosaur behaviors will make your taming process smoother and help ensure successful results in Survival Evolved game by Ark.

Tranquilizing and Feeding the Dinosaur

Shooting tranquilizer arrows at the dinosaur until it falls unconscious

Tranquilizing a dinosaur is the first step in taming it. Tranq arrows are one of the most effective ways to knock out an animal, but they can be quite challenging to craft.

You will need certain resources such as narcotics, spoiled meat, and tranq arrows themselves. Once you have these resources, you can start taming your chosen dinosaur.

When shooting tranquilizer darts or arrows, make sure to aim for the body in order to maximize damage output and reduce the amount of time required to knock out a dino. Be careful not to hit other players or their tamed creatures as this may start an unnecessary fight.

Feeding it with appropriate food to keep it sedated during taming process

Once you have successfully knocked out a dinosaur using tranquilizer arrows, the next step is feeding it with appropriate food so that it stays unconscious during the taming process. Different dinosaurs require different kinds of food; some require meat while others prefer vegetables or berries. It’s important to keep an eye on your tame’s torpor levels throughout this process.

Torpor is a measure of how sedated a creature is, and if its torpor levels drop too low then it will wake up before you’ve successfully tamed it. Make sure to feed your unconscious creature regularly with its preferred food until its torpor level rises high enough that it won’t wake up before being fully tamed.

How to make Kibble?

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Taming Process

Monitoring Torpor Levels and Feeding Intervals

Once the dinosaur is unconscious, it’s important to keep a close eye on its torpor levels. Torpor is a measure of how long an animal stays unconscious. Too little torpor, and the dinosaur can wake up before it’s fully tamed.

Too much torpor, and you risk killing the animal. Different dinosaurs have different rates of torpor decrease, so monitoring their levels is crucial.

This way, you can make sure to feed them the appropriate amount of the right food, at the right time. Some herbivorous dinosaurs have a high metabolism and require more frequent feeding intervals, while carnivores generally require larger amounts of food but less frequently.

Protecting Unconscious Dinosaurs from Predators

While your target dinosaur is unconscious, it’s vulnerable to attacks from other creatures in the game. Carnivores are especially dangerous since they’ll see your unconscious creature as an easy meal.

To protect your tame from predators while it’s out cold, you can use various methods such as building walls around it or placing spiked fences nearby. If you’re playing with friends or other players on a server, you could ask them to stand guard while you tame.

It’s worth noting that some carnivores are more aggressive than others and can attack through walls or structures if they get too close. In this case, it may be best to relocate your taming site elsewhere.

Building a Protective Structure Around It if Necessary

If you’re having trouble keeping predators away from your unconscious dinosaur by just standing guard or using fence posts nearby then building a protective structure for your taming site might be necessary. There are different kinds of structures that players use for this purpose depending on what resources they have available in-game such as wood or stone constructions or reinforced cementing paste walls. The structure should be strong enough to protect the unconscious creature from even the strongest of carnivores.

Once your taming site is secure, it’s just a matter of waiting out the taming process and monitoring your tame’s health to ensure that everything goes smoothly. With enough patience and attention to detail, you’ll soon have successfully tamed your very own dinosaur in Ark!

After Taming

Naming your new pet dinosaur

Congratulations, you’ve successfully tamed your first dinosaur in Ark Survival Evolved! Now that it’s yours, the first thing to do is give it a name. You can select something that reflects its personality or appearance.

Maybe your Stegosaurus has impressive plates on its back and you want to call it “Armored Beast” or “Spiky”. Perhaps your Pteranodon is named after a bird species like “Hawk” or “Eagle”.

Whatever name you decide on, make sure it’s unique and memorable. To name your new pet dinosaur, simply walk up to it and press the ‘Use’ button (“E” by default on PC).

This will open up a menu where you can interact with the creature and choose to rename it. Take some time to consider the perfect name for your new companion before hitting confirm.

Taking care of its needs (food, water, shelter)

Now that you have named your new pet dinosaur, it’s important to make sure they are well taken care of. All tamed animals require food and water to survive.

Depending on the type of dinosaur you have tamed, they may also require shelter in extreme weather conditions. Herbivores will eat berries, vegetables and fruits while carnivores need meat.

You can feed them raw meat or cooked meat depending on what their favorite food is available. Make sure to keep an eye on their hunger levels and provide enough food accordingly.

Water is also essential for survival in Ark Survival Evolved. Some dinos can go without water for longer periods of time than others but keeping them hydrated should always be a priority.

Some dinosaurs require shelter from extreme conditions such as cold temperatures or heavy rain. Building a simple structure using thatch or wood can provide temporary protection until you find more permanent options like cementing paste or metal.

Using your new tame for various purposes (riding, gathering resources)

Now that your dinosaur is named and well taken care of, it’s time to start using it for various purposes. Depending on what type of dinosaur you have tamed, they can serve different functions in the game. Some dinos are great for transportation, such as the Pteranodon or Argentavis which can be ridden in the air.

Others like the Trike or Stego are great for gathering resources such as berries and thatch. The Ankylosaurus is especially good at harvesting metal, while the Doedicurus can be used to gather stone.

Tamed animals can also help protect you from predators while exploring Far’s Peak or other areas in Ark Survival Evolved. They are tame creatures can be trained to attack certain dinos and defend you from harm.

Overall, taming dinosaurs opens up a whole new world of possibilities in Ark Survival Evolved. With careful planning and patience, you can create an army of loyal pets to help you navigate the challenges of this amazing game!

Advanced Techniques

Breeding for Stronger Offspring

Once you’ve tamed a few dinosaurs in Ark, you might start to notice that some creatures have better stats than others. These stats, such as health and damage, can determine how useful a dinosaur is for tasks such as combat or resource gathering. Breeding allows you to create offspring with better starting stats by combining the genes of two tamed dinos.

To breed dinosaurs in Ark, you’ll need at least one male and one female of the same species. They must have mating enabled and be close enough together to mate.

Once they do, the female will lay an egg that needs to be incubated before hatching into a baby dinosaur. The baby will inherit random stats from both parents, so it’s essential to choose strong parents with desirable base stats before breeding.

Breeding can take time and resources, but it’s worth it if you want to create an even stronger pack of tamed dinos! Plus, baby dinosaurs are just adorable.

Imprinting for Loyalty

Taming a dinosaur in Ark doesn’t mean it’ll automatically be loyal to you forever. If you want your dino companion to follow you around without fail and defend your base against predators, consider imprinting on them!

Imprinting is a process where a player interacts with a baby dinosaur during its early stages of life (up until 10% maturity) by hand-feeding them and performing other actions like walking or running around them while riding another creature). This creates an emotional bond between player and dino that boosts their loyalty stat by up to 20%.

To get the full benefit of imprinting in Ark Survival Evolved game, players need to spend around three hours with their baby dino every day until it reaches adulthood. However, the benefits are well worth it because an imprinted dinosaur will follow you around, and in the case of combat dinos, they’ll fight even harder to defend you.

Advanced techniques such as breeding and imprinting allow players in Ark Survival Evolved to create even stronger and more loyal tamed dinos. These methods take time and resources, but the benefits are worth it if you want to dominate the game’s early game or late game content.


Recap of Important Points in Taming Dinosaurs in Ark

Taming dinosaurs is an essential part of the game that allows players to progress and survive in the world of Ark. Players should gather necessary resources, scout for their desired dinosaur, shoot tranquilizer arrows at it until it falls unconscious, feed it with appropriate food to keep it sedated during the taming process, and protect the animal from predators during the taming process. The amount of time it takes to tame a dinosaur depends on its level and taming effectiveness, but players can speed up this process by using kibble or soothing balm.

In addition to these basic techniques, advanced techniques such as breeding dinosaurs or imprinting on baby dinosaurs can help players create stronger offspring with better stats or increase their loyalty towards them. It’s important to take care of your new pet dinosaur by providing food, water, shelter and using your new dinosaurs to tame them for various purposes such as riding or gathering resources.

Encouragement to Continue Exploring and Discovering New Ways to Survive in the Game through Taming Dinosaurs

Taming dinosaurs is just one aspect of surviving in Ark. Players should continue exploring all that this game has to offer by discovering new ways to survive through taming other creatures like carnivores or smaller creatures. Additionally, players can use wooden clubs to knock out smaller creatures like dodos or trikes instead of using tranquilizer arrows on larger creatures.

Moreover, players can experiment with different types of food such as raw mutton or berries depending on what type of animal they are trying to tame. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can even team up with other players and combine your knowledge about taming dinosaurs in Ark.

Overall, taming dinosaurs is a fun and rewarding aspect of Ark that requires patience and dedication. With this Ark taming guide, players can tame dinosaurs successfully and continue to explore the game’s vast world and all of its creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of taming dinosaurs in Ark?

Taming dinosaurs in Ark involves tranquilizing them, providing the appropriate food and care, and waiting for them to be successfully tamed.

How can you quickly and efficiently tame a dinosaur in Ark?

The fastest way to tame a dinosaur in Ark typically involves using higher-quality food and employing taming methods such as using a taming pen or tranquilizer arrows.

What kind of food is used to tame dinosaurs in Ark?

Different dinosaurs have different preferred foods for taming in Ark. It is crucial to research and use the specific food that a particular dinosaur prefers.

How do you provide food for tamed dinosaurs in Ark?

Tamed dinosaurs in Ark can be fed by placing the appropriate food in their inventory or using a feeding trough to ensure they have a constant supply of food.

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