How to clean a PlayStation 4 in under 5 minutes!

The best way to prolong the life of your PlayStation 4 is by making sure you clean it regularly. Luckily, cleaning your PlayStation 4 is simple and easy with these 5 steps by us at Duck Blogs!

What you need

compressed air, power supply, dry microfiber cloth, wet wipe, blow dust, blow compressed air, power cable, cotton swab, attract dust, gently lift, metal plate, damp cloth, all the cables, analog sticks

An empty bowl, some white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol (if you can’t find isopropyl at your local drugstore ask for rubbing alcohol), an old toothbrush, a dry cloth, and maybe compressed air. It may also be wise to turn off your PS4 as it will not be harmed by contact with any of these items. You may want to also put on some rubber gloves and glasses as we will be using chemicals that may irritate your skin or eyes respectively.

Step 1: unplug the PS4 and remove any discs from the console

compressed air, power supply, dry microfiber cloth, blow dust, cotton swab, compressed air, gently lift, metal plate, warranty stickers, eventual hardware failure, screws holding, outer casing, rebuild database option, headphone jack, remaining debris, internal components

First, you’ll want to unplug your PS4 and remove any discs that may be in there. To do so, flip-up one of those handy rubber-coated levers located at both sides of your console, underneath where your disc would go. Next, simply pull out any media that’s inside. This should leave you with an empty cavity. Don’t worry about it if some dust has collected here—you can get rid of it later. Finally, close those little doors again by pressing down on them until they click into place.

Step 2: clean your DUALSHOCK

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It’s time to get your DUALSHOCK into tip-top shape. There are two ways you can do it: either submerge them in a container of soapy water or simply wipe down all parts of your controllers with an isopropyl alcohol swab (these are available at most pharmacies and can be purchased over-the-counter). The choice is yours, but make sure you get everything!

Step 3: wipe down your PS4

compressed air, air dry

While your console is still off, use an anti-static wipe (typically cloth-like) and run it over all surfaces of your PS4, including The hard drive cover and back, your controller handles, and any other areas you’d typically rub. This will remove dust from places you normally don’t get. After that’s done, make sure everything is dry before powering on your PS4 again.

Step 4: get rid of dust

compressed air, power supply, air dry

Using a microfiber cloth, get rid of all dust and dirt from your PlayStation’s screen. Don’t forget about buttons and ports too. You can use a Q-tip with warm water for stubborn bits. Be careful though; you don’t want to open your system up by spilling anything inside it. If you do accidentally spill something on your PS4, make sure to turn off your console immediately and then wipe down everything as best as possible before allowing it to dry out. If any moisture remains on components inside your PS4, you risk causing damage that will cost money (and time) to fix later on.

Step 5: reassemble your PS4

compressed air

After you’ve cleaned your PS4, it’s now time to put it back together. Take out all of your components and check that everything is well connected. Reconnect your DualShock controller and slide them into their respective slots. Slide your hard drive back into its slot on top of your console. Make sure that all ports are facing downwards with their corresponding caps tightly closed on top of them as well.

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