How long exactly is Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the next chapter of Halo, not a new game in the series. That’s why it’s called “Halo Infinite” instead of “Halo 6” or something like that. While details about the game were kept under wraps for a long period– 343 Industries has a policy of not announcing things that are still in development – now we can check how long is Halo Infinite campaign.

The original Halo trilogy was created by Bungie, which later Microsoft acquired and eventually shut down the company. The first two games were released in 2001 and 2003 respectively, with Halo 3 coming out in 2007 as part of the Xbox 360-exclusive console generation. So what does this mean for Halo Infinite? Does it mark a return to the franchise for Microsoft? Let’s dissect this question more closely here at Duck Blogs and find out if Microsoft has actually developed another numbered entry in the iconic sci-fi shooter series.

Halo Infinite Demo Campaign

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343 Industries has made some significant alterations to the single-player campaign in this FPS game. In previous Halo games, the missions were linear and mission-based, but Halo Infinite includes an open world, RPG mechanics, and a grapple shot to cross the environment. Halo Infinite includes an open world, RPG mechanics, and a grapple shot to cross the environment after the negative reaction to the campaign demo in July 2020. After delaying Halo Infinite until 2021 to give the game some much-needed polishing in July 2020, 343 Industries has confirmed that the co-op campaign will launch in May 2022. Players had to wait until May 2022 to do battle with the Banished with their friends in co-op, as the campaign will not be available initially.

Halo Infinite Campaign Length

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So, the Halo Infinite campaign has turned not as big as the Ubisoft-Esque open-world juggernauts many players will expect, which is fine when it comes to informing a meaningful narrative and ensuring Master Chief doesn’t overstay his welcome on Zeta Halo. We’ve routed the campaign across Xbox and PC and can now provide you with the precise amount of time it takes to finish it, whether you want to speed through the story or spend time unearthing all sorts of hidden collectibles and conquering enemy bases. Your experience will depend on how you play. 

We can assume that it is possible to complete the campaign in 10 hours. This time depends on how much time you spend exploring the open world. It is also vital on which difficulty setting you are playing since the choice of Heroic and Legendary will result in longer firefights and the need to seek out additional upgrades and items to stand a fighting chance against The Banished.

The Shortest Way

Even if you only care about finishing the critical path and the primary missions as quickly as possible, you should be able to thread on air Halo Infinite in between 10 and 12 hours, though even less time is certainly possible. Even with minimal exploration, we were able to achieve a playtime of 11 hours. You should definitely set aside some time to capture a few FOBs around the Zeta Halo map, as you can fast travel between them to save on journey time between missions. We’ve got lots of other Halo Infinite methods to assist you in fighting back against the Banished too.

The Normal Way

Master Chief’s campaign spans about 15 hours and includes forward operating bases and enemy outposts, so you’ll get a decent amount of playtime out of it. We played on Normal difficulty, and we saw a lot of the open-world activities throughout the campaign. When the final cutscene finishes, Master Chief will be returned to Zeta Halo, where you can continue to hunt down any remaining missions or collectibles.

Heroic and Legendary Mode

We have offered these modes to two of our proficient players and the result was the following:

Drew found that it took him about 14-15 hours on Heroic to play through on Co-Op. Deputy Guides Editor Keith found that it took him about 14-15 hours to play through on Heroic. Drew, on the other hand, discovered that it took him longer on the same difficulty at about 14-15 hours, but as Deputy Guides Editor he had some secrets and collectibles to discover. If you bump the challenge up to Legendary, certain battles, for example, will be a lot more difficult and require more careful planning. First off, he noted that the game is about the size of Halo 2 and 3, both of which tend to clock in at around the ten-hour mark. He also noted that you can add an extra four to five hours to your 10-12-hour average if you rescue fellow UNSC soldiers as well as capture FOBs to unlock travel points. Beyond the open-world components and exploration in Infinite, it’s a lot like the first two Halo games in terms of length, which both tend to run around the ten-hour mark.

Campaign peculiarities

Every little thing across the open world has its place and goes ahead of seeking out, building Master Chief’s arsenal, and offering lots of opportunities to find audio logs and hunt down special bounties who give you extra powerful weapons in Halo Infinite. The campaign is a blast, and it is well worth savoring.

Halo Infinite’s campaign is not structured in the same way as the old linear campaigns, which required you to complete a set number of missions to finish the campaign. Rather, you’ll be tackling both open-world story objectives and traditional missions. The Halo Infinite campaign spans seven-story chapters across seven locations throughout the shattered Zeta Halo. As opposed to the FOBs, you will have to destroy outposts, eliminate targets, and seek out audio logs in addition to the story and FOBs. You can also enjoy Halo Infinite multiplayer at any time if you prefer.


There are 14 Halo Infinite missions in total, not counting the many and varied side missions you can undertake between story beats. If you’re worried about spoilers, consider the following list carefully. You’ll notice that there are two particular ones on it: Banished Warship Gbraakon and Foundations. It’s also worth noting that the list includes the following missions: Nexus, the Tower, Spire, Pelican Down, The Road, The Sequence, Excavation Site, the Command Spire, Repository, House of Reckoning, Silent Auditorium, and finally, that’s how long you’ll be shooting through them.

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