10 of the Hottest Video Game Characters Who Will Make Your Heart Race

When it comes to games, the characters are the most important element of the story and can often make or break the experience depending on how they’re designed. Video game characters need to strike a balance between being attractive enough to catch your eye and interesting enough to keep you engaged in their stories, while also fitting into the context of their games’ themes and plots. The following list by us at Duck Blogs highlights ten video game characters who are so hot that they make you wish you could play as them yourself!

1) Juliet Starling

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Juliet Starling, a.k.a. Lollipop Chainsaw is one tough zombie killer in a cheerleader’s outfit. Juliet rocks blue and red pigtails and wields an equally colorful chainsaw—not your typical sharpened weapon but definitely, one that gets her point across she will cut zombies down to size or at least attempt to do so! What makes this character even more fun to play with is that players can make all sorts of costume changes, for example, you can change Juliet’s outfits to suit different types of missions like Halloween costumes. Plus who doesn’t love a video game girl with a chainsaw?

2) Cortana

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Cortana is one of many artificial bits of intelligence in Microsoft’s Halo video game series. She was created by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey and is most frequently portrayed as a holographic interface. In Halo 4, Cortana helps Master Chief in his fight against a hostile alien alliance known as The Covenant. We first see her when she pops up on our screen to warn us about incoming enemies. As the campaign progresses, Cortana’s voice becomes more human-like due to her activation process being completed with her performance improving exponentially with each mission.

3) Miranda Lawson

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In Mass Effect, Miranda Lawson is a human biotic (someone who can manipulate mass effect fields). She works for Cerberus, an organization that protects humans during a time when aliens have begun to make their way into Earth. Although she appears as a cold and mysterious character at first, we learn that her intentions are quite noble—she believes humanity must prepare for its next encounter with alien life by doing whatever it takes to get stronger.

4) Samus Aran

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In 1994, a game called Metroid changed everything for women in video games. The action-adventure title from Nintendo let players control a female hero named Samus Aran. As Aran, players explored planet Zebes, using her gun arm and morph ball abilities to defeat enemies and battle Mother Brain. This was an early instance of gender diversity in video games; previously, most characters were male.

5) Lara Croft

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Though her first game was released in 1996, Lara Croft is still considered one of gaming’s most recognizable female characters. Croft has certainly evolved over time: she originally appeared as a busty blonde with an hourglass figure, but most recently she looks more like a woman who actually exercises. These days Lara sports a lean body and wears practical clothing while exploring caves and ruins, proving that you don’t need to have big breasts to be sexy.

6) Widowmaker

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Widowmaker is a character from Overwatch and is one sexy beast! She has an incredibly feminine frame, with an hourglass shape and ample bust, but it’s her behind that really gets us going. With its soft curves and perky butt-cheeks, Widowmaker’s derriere will definitely make your heart race. Oh, and she’s not bad to look at either. Her skin is pale like ivory and she’s got these long raven locks that cascade down to her mid-back. In short, she’s hot stuff… no pun intended.

7) Mai Shiranui

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The very first character introduced in The King of Fighters series, Mai Shiranui has been fighting for justice for many years. If you want to see some fantastic and ferocious fighting, then Mai is a must-have on your roster. Mai Shiranui isn’t just a fighter; she is also quite attractive. In her original appearance, she had long red hair and wore tiger-print bikinis and small gold earrings.

8) Citra Talugmai

Citra is a member of an ancient race known as Rave in Rave Master. She is one of Elie’s closest friends and she is considered to be an idol by many people at Roshutat. She wields powerful lightning magic, which she can combine with other elements to create stronger spells. Citra often relies on her younger brother, Shuda, for support because he has healing magic and she is quite weak at close combat. Despite being small and thin, Citra always wears high heels that make her taller than most women. She loves wearing stylish clothes and makeup but she also knows how to fight dirty when needed.

9) Cammy White

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There are plenty of factors that make Cammy White hot. Sure, her legs are a nice length, and I can’t forget to mention her beautiful blonde hair (you know what they say about girls with blonde hair). But my favorite part about Cammy is by far her extensive training in martial arts! Don’t you just love it when an anime girl kicks ass? Plus she has a great personality and isn’t afraid to express herself! She’s also not afraid to kick some butt or show off her abilities. She might be one of the few characters who could ever hope to beat Chun-Li – and would probably have no problem beating out every other character on this list too! When you’re feeling lonely, Cammy will always be there for you – after all, she was designed specifically for fighting games, so it makes sense that she’d do well in any sort of combat situation.

10) Chun-Li

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One of Street Fighter’s first female leads, Chun-Li debuted in 1992 and is known for her lightning speed and shocking strength. Although she wears a dress when fighting, there’s nothing feminine about her—unless you count how powerful she is with her legs. Chun-Li is one of few video game characters to have been officially inducted into an athletic hall of fame, making her a true pioneer. She has also made appearances in other games outside of Street Fighters such as Marvel vs Capcom 3, Project X Zone 2, Project X Zone 3, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

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