Why do Gaming Computers Have Lights?

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Why do a lot of gaming computers have RGB lighting on them? It’s a question that’s been asked for years, and there’s finally an answer. The answer is pretty simple really, but the reason it hasn’t been answered before now has everything to do with lighting research and nothing to do with the actual answer itself (see what I did there?). I’m kidding, of course; the real reason why there’s not been an answer to this question yet is that it was never really asked until now. But we at Duck Blogs will get to that later…so here goes!

What does RGB mean?

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RGB stands for Red Green Blue, which can be any combination of these three colors. RGB lighting comes in strips or zones as well as complete cases with all blue LEDs or all red LEDs etcetera. You can control these LEDs with individual buttons on your keyboard or with an application allowing you to change to your own color choice at will instead of having it just fixed permanently at one color scheme like most cases are outfitted with nowadays. The other major benefit is that led lighting allows you to dim your computer case so if you work late at night sometimes it won’t disturb others who may be sleeping. This is especially important if you live with roommates or significant others and you wanna keep a dimly lit room.

Why do gamers like RGB lights?

RGB is very aesthetically pleasing. These days, most people prefer to game in dimly lit rooms (as opposed to being in front of a TV or monitor), so gamers can enjoy their RGB lighting system without bothering others around them. Most importantly, gamers like to mod things, so RGB gives them something fun and new to tinker with when they’re bored with playing games! It’s important to note that you don’t need RGB RAM if you don’t want it—it just adds aesthetic value. If you just want performance, stick with standard RAM. However, if you’re looking for aesthetics AND performance, then definitely go for RBG RAM—the performance boost isn’t significant enough to justify spending more money on it, but your computer will look great while running faster than normal!

The history

Since 1999, computer geeks have used various strips of LED lights to light up their gaming PC cases. However, before led strips were cheap enough and readily available many enthusiasts would install cold cathode tubes or RGB fans inside their cases with individual power supplies to light them up. This is where it all started. Over time RGB became cheaper and more accessible but most still had their own separate controller board which was not always easy to integrate into a build. Some enthusiasts even went as far as using EL wire which is extremely bright but expensive, hard to work with, and dangerous if not handled properly. RGB lighting has come a long way since then…

The future

RGB strips are fairly new to pre-built systems, but they’re slowly starting to become more popular as PC builders realize how cool they look in dark environments. If you aren’t familiar with RGB strips, you can check out our Razer Blade RGB setup here. For now, though let’s talk about what exactly an RGB strip is before we get into their history of usage in PCs and what comes next after their current popularity phase. RGB stands for Red Green Blue, which is three primary colors that when combined together can produce any color imaginable (this is known as the RGB color model). RGB LED strips consist of a bunch of tiny LEDs put together into one long string where each individual LED has its own individual addressable driver IC so it can be controlled individually through software. When one single RGB LED emits light it appears white, however, when all these LEDs work together at once or in various patterns it creates any color imaginable.

The present

Today, RGB strips are often just decorative. They’re visually nice, but they don’t actually serve any real purpose (except maybe to give you something pretty to look at). Many users simply aren’t aware of how cool these light strips can be…but in fact, controlling them is about as simple as it gets—just plug it into your RGB header! Some motherboards even come with software that lets you control them from within Windows. And if you don’t want to use Windows? No problem: most RGB strip manufacturers offer free software that will let you control your LEDs on Linux or macOS, too.

Is RGB lighting necessary for gaming though?

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RGB lighting on gaming components is definitely more than just for looks—but does it give you an edge when it comes to performance? Actually yes, but not in a way you might think: RGB lighting can be used to make your computer components appear like they’re off, making it easier for you to walk away from your desk without forgetting about running processes or potentially causing damage by leaving them on. In addition, some studies show that blue light emitted from screens (like those found on monitors) can disrupt our sleep cycles. Because of these factors, many gamers use software to adjust their monitor’s color temperature at night so it resembles natural light; however, if you don’t want to spend time adjusting your monitor every night before bed (or if you simply forget), LEDs are great because they allow you to quickly turn off all of your computer equipment with one click.

Why do Gamers Like Playing in the Dark

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The reason why gamers like playing in the dark is that it allows them to completely immerse themselves in the game. When there’s no light from a lamp or overhead light, then it makes it easier for you to see what’s going on on your screen. It also helps with reducing any eye strain that might occur if you were playing with lots of bright lights around you.

Playing in the dark is great because it lets you focus entirely on what’s happening in front of you instead of being distracted by other things going on around the room. There’s nothing better than being able to get lost in a game and having all of your attention on what’s happening onscreen!

Final Thoughts

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Even though an RGB led light won’t increase your gaming abilities, it still makes your whole setup look good. RGB are cheap nowadays and everyone that likes them should get them to make their setup that much better. Here at Duck Blogs, we are committed to giving you the best and most unbiased video game news, reviews, and tips to get you that edge you need. If you have any questions or ideas for new articles feel free to contact us or write in the comments today.

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