Fortnite’s Latest Season is Here and it’s Amazing

At the time of writing this, the newest season of Fortnite is officially here and it’s creating quite a punch with all the new POI, guns, gameplay, and battle pass. Fortnite chapter 3 season 3 is simply called Vibin and you can tell that it is a more casual and laid-back story this season as it looks. With rollercoaster, trippy forest, and more here at Duck Blogs we go over everything you need to know about the new season and our interest in how it might set up to top chapter 3 season 2.

New Weapons

With a new season of Fortnite comes new weapons, gameplay, and vehicles. It’s also a time to say goodbye to some as well. As for new weapons, there have been 3 entirely new weapons that have been added to the loot pool and they are as follows…

Hammer Assault Rifle

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This Hammer Assault Rifle packs a punch with its high rate of fire and close combat effectiveness. Players will need to master this weapon’s unique recoil to be dominating with it.

Designated Marksman Rifle

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This sniper rifle is no ordinary Sniper Rifle. It’s more of a close between a Sniper Rifle and an Assault Rifle, meaning that you can use this in long-range battles or mid-range battles.

Two Shot Shotgun

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If you can’t tell by the name this Shotgun is a burst weapon meaning that it fires two shots at the same time meaning that if you hit both shots you could get an easy kill.

These weapons are not going to only be the newer weapons of the season. There is a slew of new weapons that will be added throughout the season. New Mythic weapons will be making their way to the game as one has already been confirmed, the Mythic Heavy Sniper Rifle as it has been found in the game’s files. With new weapons come vaulted ones as well. Here are some of the vaulted weapons.

  • Drum Shotgun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • MK-Seven Rifle
  • Thermal Assault Rifle
  • Thermal Flopper
  • Season 2 Voted Items

Vaulted and Unvaulted Vehicles

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Like weapons, vehicles also come and go and this season is no different. So far into the season, there has only been one new vehicle added to the game and it’s the baller. The baller isn’t a new vehicle as it’s been in the game in the past but this baller has gotten some changes. It has more health, can float on water, and has a battery that can be depleted and die out. You can also take this thing on the rollercoaster as well. A new feature including riding animals is now a thing. You can ride on only the boars and wolves but it’s a great way to get around the map if you don’t want to use any of the cars or ballers in the game.

There is a list of vaulted vehicles in the game if you are interested in why you aren’t seeing your favorite vehicle anymore.

  • Choppas
  • Jetpacks
  • Battlebuses
  • Tanks

New POIs

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With a new Fortnite season Epic Games likes to treat us with new POI and this season is no different. In the past seasons, the POI are normally within the story or because a new character from a show or video game is going to be in the game but this season it’s all about vibing. With an Amusement park and the Reality Tree being the main focus this season we know that this season is all about summer fun and relaxation. On the left side of the Fortnite map, you can find two new areas you can explore. Rave Cave and Reality Falls are the new areas that you can explore in the new season. These areas feature giant mushrooms as well as waterfalls and strange trees that you can interact with. The tallest tree is called the Reality Tree and it is definitely the tallest tree we have seen in Fortnite. This new tree can be weeded and you can get loot from it. The more times a sapling is uprooted the loot will be better. This is the only way you can get Mythic weapons at this time.

New Season, New Battle pass

Every season has a new battle pass you can buy and earn exclusive skins for and this one is my personal favorite season There is a total of eight characters in this battle pass each with more upgrades and colors to add to your collection. There are six original skins and two major Lucasfilm skins. Here’s the rundown of the new skins.

  • Snap
  • Evie
  • Adira
  • Stormfarer
  • Malik
  • Sabina
  • Darth Vader
  • Indiana Jones

When Does the new Fortnite season end?

This season may have just come out but people are already wondering when does it end? Well, the answer is towards the end of summer and when everyone starts going back to school on September 17. That’s not to say that it’s the final date, Epic Games could always change it if they want so make sure to get your Darth Vader skin as soon as possible.

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