Fall Guys is Coming to Xbox

Fans of Fall Guys won’t have to wait any longer to have this game come to the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games stores. Fall Guys will make their grand appearances on those stores soon enough. With Fall Guys coming out soon we at Duck Blogs go over exactly what is Fall Guys and why it’s so popular.

What is Fall Guys?

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Fall Guys is a twist on the battle royale genre. It is more like a game show that has beans (players) play multiple levels to see who is the best player of all. If you win the whole thing and come out on top then you will get a crown which can be used to purchase cosmetics and such to spruce up your player. Fall Guys came out in August of 2020 on the PS4 and PC and it became an instant success.

When will Fall Guys come to other platforms?

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Fall Guys started out on just the PS4 and PC in August but came June 21, 2022, it will come to all platforms. It will come with cross-progression and cross-play so you can play with all your friends on different consoles.

How much is it?

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With the new update and coming to new consoles, Fall Guys will become free to play. So that means you don’t have to pay for it anymore after June 21. All the players that bought the game already will get a legacy pack to composite for them buying the game.

Will there be more updates after this?

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We aren’t 100% sure that they will continue support for this game or shift their focus on other projects but hopefully, we get more updates so we can keep coming back to Fall Guys with our friends for a great Fall Guys experience. With this update we get many things included but we are all hoping for a road map for the rest of 2022.

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