Everything You Need to Know About Wordle

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months then you would know about the daily word game wordle. Wordle has been the hot topic in terms of puzzle games that’s been on the apple store and the google play store. It’s a simple game as you’re just trying to find the target word in the fewest amount of tries. Here at Duck Blogs, we go over exactly what this wordle game is and why you should at least try it out today.

Who Made Wordle?

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Software engineer Josh Wardle developed the game for his wife and him to play, he was a big fan of word puzzle games, according to the BBC. Wardle additionally tells the BBC it will certainly never ever have plenty of ads. Which is great information for individuals, as it is a pretty basic UI today, with no ads in any way. This likewise means that he is not making any cash off of his innovation, which has actually taken control of the globe.

Wardle was also the creator of Place, which was a rather popular art project/social experiment that took over the internet in 2017. The Place was a shared online room that allowed literally any individual to combat what was attractive there. That resulted in massive, sprawling areas fighting over space on this massive online canvas.

Wordle was included in The New York Times back in November 2021. However, it really did not really gain any traction until Wardle added a share function in mid-December. Then it shot up in popularity that The New York Times bought the game and is now as of writing this is on their website for free for anyone to play.

Why this daily word game is so popular?

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This hidden word puzzle is quite simple. It’s not very complex so that’s why it’s so popular. Another game that has the same type of vibe is the 2012 mobile puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga. These games rose to popularity with their simple design and how easy it is to get the game. While Candy Crush is more focused on a match 3 game as a pose wordle is a five-letter word game. Wordle is a simple game and it continues to be for possibly years if it gets fresh content with a word update or maybe make it 6 or even 7 letter words to guess.

Wordle tips and tricks to uncover the hidden word

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If you are new to this popular game then look no further we at Duck Blogs have got you covered. We go over rules and tips on how to get the same word as the wordle answer.

The rules of wordle are pretty simple. You get 6 tries in guessing the target word. Each try will either show up a letter green, yellow, or red. Green means that you got the letter right and in the right spot. Yellow means the letter is right but it’s not in the right spot. Red just means that the letter is wrong. On the first try of this game getting a good first word is crucial. You don’t want the first word that a few letters are just repeating letters, that won’t help you at all. All the letters in your first word must be different and try to cram as many vowels as you can in your starting word you can. A good couple of examples you can use are (Audio, Aisle, and Adieu). These all use multiple vowels that would help get you started in getting the hidden word right in this fantastic game.

Make sure you use English words

I know this sounds obvious but more often or not people will just throw random letters as their tries and get it wrong, then complain about how they keep losing. If you want to get the hidden word right then you need to put in some effort. Make sure to actually spell out a 5 letter word so you can get find matching letters in the correct spot. Also, be on the lookout for letters that repeat. We have gotten words like Robot thrown at us. Robot has two O in it so just be careful.

If all fails Google It

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If you need more help you can always just Google it. If you have let’s say E in the first spot then just search up “5 letter word that starts with E” and it will bring up a word bank to get you started. This is a little more cheating if you want to call but hey whatever works for you.

Final Thoughts

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Wordle is an addictive puzzle game that takes a little bit of time and knowledge to understand but once you figure it out it will get easier. Any revealed hints are good that can get you that second guess wins. You can play wordle online but you can do it on your Apple or Android phone if you save the webpage. If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact us today.

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