Disney Villainous Despicable Plots Review

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Disney Villainous Despicable Plot is an expansion for Disney Villainous that came out in February of 2021 and it brings in 3 new classic Disney villains to add to your base game. This amazing expansion of Disney Villainous brings in Gaston, Horned King, and Lady Tremaine. You can add these three villains into your main game for replayability and new gameplay. Disney Villainous Game Despicable Plots is a great expansion that everyone that is a fan of the original Disney Villainous games should pick up right away. Here at Duck Blogs, we will go over the villains and how exactly to play them today. This game is also on Amazon for quick and easy pickup today.

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Unboxing the Game Board

Despicable Plot is different than other Disney villainous games as it introduces three new villains that you can play. You can play Gaston from the movie Beauty and the Beast, Horned King from the movie The Black Cauldron, and Lady Tremaine from the classic Disney movie Cinderella. All three of these villains offer unique abilities, and goals to win as and it’s just a good experience. In the box, you get a player board, villain deck, fate deck, and character for each of the villains. Then you get a simple how-to-play guide as well as some more power to add to your collection.

Villain Guide

These three villains are not that hard to get started with and today I will show you exactly how to play as them.


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Gaston’s objective is to remove all 8 obstacles from his board. Sounds easy right? This is where you are wrong as this can be a difficult task as you cant keep your progression a secret from other players so you will get hit with the fate deck more often or not towards the end of the game. You’re main goal while playing as Gaston is to play aggressively. Remove the obstacle quicker than your opponents can replace them. The villain deck does help you out a lot since your fate deck is not very forgiving. Gaston’s fate deck could be the worse thing about Gaston since it’s very dangerous for him. Overall Gaston is not the worst hero to play but if it’s your first time playing as him then you might be frustrated after a while.

Lady Tremaine

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Lady Tremaine is interesting as her goal is to marry one of the ugly stepsisters (Drizella or Anastasia) to the prince. This makes her one of the few heroes with a goal that represents her and the movie Cinderella. This objective can be done after first unlocking the Ballroom by playing the care Invitation from the King. She then has to have one of the sisters in a ball gown and in the ballroom with the prince. Then activate the wedding bells card when no glass slippers are present. Lady Tremaine cannot take Vanquish’s actions and instead uses the three effect cards in her deck to trap the enemies. To play as Lady Tremaine you need to have more of a defensive style of play as she can block her fate deck easily and you can win with her pretty quick if you have your guard up. Overall Lady Tremaine is one of my favorite villains to play since she’s super unique and quite easy to play.

Horned King

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Horned King’s objective is to have a Cauldron-Born at each location in his realm. He is able to do this by playing Ancient soldiers and claiming the black cauldron then activating it. Horned King is a pretty good villain to play if you want your board to be clear of heroes as his cauldron-born are fantastic allies. His fate deck is quite dangerous though and since his board doesn’t have a bottom row play a card nor vanquish it can be easy for opponents to fate trap him which could turn him into a frustrating character to play as. Overall Horned king is a decent character to use but if you get fate locked then your gameplay might be tough to win.

Final Thoughts

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Overall these three villains are some of the good ones that have come from all the expansions. Lady Tremaine is my personal favorite as she is super unique and can dish out an easy win if you use her right. If you have any questions or concerns about Disney Villainous let us know by contacting us today.

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