Chomper Guide in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The Chomper class in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is the plant team’s primary close-quarters combat specialist. With its powerful bite and ability to burrow underground, the Chomper excels at ambushing and eliminating single targets.

With numerous Chomper variants available, this deadly class can adapt to various playstyles and situations. In this all-inclusive guide, we’ll explore how to play the Chomper class effectively and delve into the abilities of each variant.

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This comprehensive guide will cover the following aspects of the Chomper class:

  1. Basic Gameplay and Abilities – Mastering the Chomper class and understanding their unique abilities.
  2. Chomper Variants – An overview of each Chomper variant and its abilities.
  3. Character Upgrades – A list of the upgrades available for the Chomper class.

Basic Gameplay and Abilities

The Chomper’s primary weapon is its powerful bite, allowing it to deal massive damage at close range. The Chomper’s signature ability, Burrow, enables them to move underground and emerge to instantly devour their target.

With 175 health, Chompers can withstand considerable damage, making them a formidable presence on the battlefield. As a Chomper, your primary role is to ambush and eliminate high-value targets while disrupting enemy lines.


  • Burrow: Allows the Chomper to move underground, becoming immune to damage and invisible to enemies. Upon surfacing, the Chomper can instantly defeat a single enemy.
  • Goop: A projectile that slows down and disables the abilities of any enemy it hits, making them vulnerable to the Chomper’s attack.
    • Alternate Ability: Super Sticky Goop – Similar to Goop, but with a longer duration and no damage output.
  • Spikeweed: A deployable trap that ensnares and damages enemies who walk over it, making them easy targets for the Chomper.
    • Alternate Ability: Spiky Spikeweed – Deals more damage than the regular Spikeweed but has fewer uses.

Chomper Variants

  • Fire Chomper: Deals fire damage over time with its spray attack, allowing for effective area denial and crowd control.
  • Power Chomper: Utilizes an electric spray attack that can chain damage between multiple targets, excelling in crowd control.
  • Hot Rod Chomper: Gains a temporary speed boost after devouring an enemy, allowing for quick repositioning and increased survivability.
  • Toxic Chomper: Inflicts toxic damage over time with its spray attack and deals passive damage to nearby enemies.
  • Count Chompula: Heals a portion of its health upon successfully devouring an enemy, increasing its sustainability in combat.
  • Armor Chomper: Has increased health and armor but moves at a slower pace, making it more resilient at the cost of mobility.
  • Chomp Thing: Features rapid health regeneration, allowing it to quickly recover from damage and re-engage in combat.
  • Yeti Chomper: Uses an ice-based spray attack that slows and eventually freezes enemies in place, allowing for easy eliminations.

Character Upgrades

Character upgrades become available at levels 5 and 9 for the Chomper class. Upon reaching level 10, you can promote the class, resetting it to level 1 and allowing further leveling to unlock more upgrades.

Here is a list of character upgrades for the Chomper class, including the level and rank at which they are unlocked:


  • Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade (Level 5): Reduces the time before your health starts regenerating.
  • Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases your movement speed.


  • Health Regeneration Upgrade (Level 5): Enhances the rate at which your health regenerates.
  • Bite Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases the speed of your bite attacks.


  • Ammo Upgrade (Level 5): Increases the ammo capacity of your spray attack (applicable to spray-based variants).
  • Bite Speed Upgrade (Level 9): Increases the speed of your bite attacks.


  • Damage Upgrade (Level 5): Boosts the damage dealt by your weapon (bite or spray attack).

Super Elite

  • Health Upgrade (Level 5): Increases your maximum health.

No upgrades are unlocked at level 9 for the last two ranks. Once you reach level 5 of Super Elite, leveling is no longer necessary for character upgrades.

By mastering the Chomper class in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, you can become a fearsome predator, capable of ambushing and eliminating key targets while disrupting the enemy team. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-tier Chomper. Good luck, and happy chomping!

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