7 Scary Games to Play on Your Xbox 360 This Halloween

Halloween is almost here! Are you looking for some scary games to play on your Xbox 360? Whether you’re planning to have a Halloween party with friends or just have the chills all by yourself, these seven scary games will get you in the right mood! Here at Duck Blogs, we are committed to giving you the best and most unbiased video game news, reviews, and tips to get you that edge you need. If you have any questions or ideas for new articles feel free to contact us or write in the comments today.

7) Silent Hill 3

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Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror game where players take the role of a teenage girl named Heather who’s searching for her father in the town of Silent Hill. Though the town is deserted and nearly abandoned, there are plenty of otherworldly creatures roaming around looking for a bite to eat. And they’re hungry. There are also puzzles to solve, weapons, and items to use, plus an entire game world that you can explore as you make your way through the game. All in all, it’s a pretty frightening experience that you won’t want to miss out on this Halloween.

6) Resident Evil 4

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One of the scariest games of all time is Resident Evil 4. It may not be as scary as some other games, but it does have a creepy atmosphere and will make you jump out of your seat at least once or twice. The game tells the story of a special agent who is sent to investigate a series of bizarre murders in rural Spain. He was sent there by the President’s daughter, who is running for president herself and wants her father re-elected so she can continue her campaign without interruption.

5) Alan Wake

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Alan Wake is a third-person horror video game that combines action, thriller, and survival horror gameplay elements. The player assumes the role of Alan Wake, an author who has been suffering from a case of writer’s block for years. In order to help him combat his fears and get back into his book, his wife Alice gives him a journal that she found in New York City about a man named Alan Wake who had gone missing for 10 days without any recollection of what happened.

4) Condemned: Criminal Origins

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If you’re looking for a game that will scare the pants off of you this Halloween, then Condemned: Criminal Origins is perfect for you. In the game, players are tasked with navigating through a dark and gritty world as a detective who has been framed for murder. As he progresses through the levels, more of the story unfolds and players get closer to solving the mystery. The game is rated Mature so it might be too scary for younger gamers.

3) Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

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In the game, players control Miku Hinasaki, a young girl who is searching for her missing twin sister. Players explore the haunted grounds of an abandoned mountain shrine and take pictures of ghosts with a special camera in order to fight them. The player must avoid touching any ghosts because if they are touched or move too close to one, the player dies.

2) Dead Space

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Dead Space is a survival horror video game series developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game takes place in outer space, where the player must fight mutated creatures called Necromorphs that have overrun a mining ship. Dead Space also features zero gravity environments as the player fights off enemies with guns or tools such as a plasma cutter, which allows them to cut through objects in the environment.

1) Bioshock

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Bioshock is a first-person shooter that was released in 2007. It tells the story of Jack, a man who survives a plane crash over the Atlantic ocean, only to find himself stranded in Rapture. Rapture is an underwater city where society is broken down into social classes and has become increasingly more unstable. When Jack learns about ADAM, a substance created from sea slugs that creates physical changes in the user, he becomes embroiled in this world of secret plots and counter-plots as he strives to get back to his life outside of Rapture.

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