10 Best Board Games Like Monopoly

Monopoly remains the most popular board game in the world, with more than 275 million players worldwide, but it can be easy to feel like there’s nothing new under the sun when you play it again and again. Luckily, there are tons of amazing board games that are similar to Monopoly and can be enjoyed by the whole family! Here are 10 of our favorites at Duck Blogs.


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If you’re looking for a more modern take on the classic board game Monopoly, then you’ll love Suburbia. This game is all about building up your own little city, and it’s really addictive. There are lots of different strategies you can use to try and win, and it’s always different each time you play. Plus, the artwork on the board and cards is really beautiful. I also like that there are loads of expansions that add more variety to the game.

The Game of Life

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The objective of The Game of Life is to have the most money at the end of the game, but there are other ways to win. Players can also win by getting married, having children, or reaching certain milestones. As you get older, you’ll earn a monthly income from your job and if you get lucky with the cards you can get more money!

For Sale

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Even the most serious Monopoly players may not know that the original policies include public auctions. When you come down on a home and pick not to buy it, the regulations mention the other gamers might hold an auction to bid for it instead. That’s how To buy works, too. Each gamer bids on property cards, attempting to obtain them for a great deal. As soon as you have them, you work to develop them and make them better, at some point selling them for (hopefully) greater than you invested in advance. This is a game for those who love the wheeling and dealing facet of Syndicate, without all the bother of rolling dice and passing Go

Dice City

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In Dice City, players are trying to build up the best city possible using dice rolls. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins. The game is for two to four players and takes about an hour to play. Players can either buy new locations, or they can use their die roll to get them. Every turn players have three rolls that they can use to move around their board and buy properties or attack other players in order to steal their money. You can also trade your property in for victory points which makes it easier to win because you don’t have any chance of losing.

Pay Day

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In Pay Day, players take turns rolling two dice and moving their marker around the board. The goal is to collect as much money as possible. Every time you land on a space, you either earn or spend money. The game is over when all players have reached the end of the board. At that point, everyone totals up how much they earned by landing on certain spaces and subtracts it from how much they spent. Whoever has the most cash at the end wins!


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If the allure of Monopoly originates from having every little thing and gradually damaging your rivals, you’ll most likely be a large fan of Acquire.

Rather than purchasing buildings, you’ll be purchasing businesses. You’ll be dealing stock, combining business, and also money in your shares at the correct time. Of all the Monopoly-like video games on our list, this is possibly the most intricate. It has actually a greater suggested play age since the rules can be confusing.

Get is similar to Monopoly in that it’s everything about ordering cash. Get as high as you can by making mindful financial decisions. Your fellow players? They’re there to be bulldozed as you build your path to financial success.

For the pure, unadulterated delight of simulated commercialism, you won’t locate a more extensive game than Acquire. It is just one of those video games like Monopoly that’s likely to cause household disagreements.


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Like many of the best board games, Concordia is all about strategy. Each player must use their resources wisely to build ships and develop their economic power in order to dominate this 19th-century game. Plus, with a duration of up to four hours (the length depends on how aggressive players are), it’s one that will definitely keep you entertained for hours!

Ticket to Ride

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If you like Monopoly, you’ll love Ticket to Ride. This game is all about collecting sets of cards to claim railway routes across the United States. The catch is that you can only claim a route if you have the right cards, so you have to plan ahead and think about which routes will be most valuable. Once someone has claimed five different routes, everyone has to try to collect three different kinds of locomotives for their trains in order to continue playing. There are also bonus points available for completing longer railroad tracks and connecting your train stations in an effortless manner.


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In this game, you take on the role of a bird enthusiast, collecting eggs and trying to attract the best birds to your aviary. The artwork is beautiful and the gameplay is engaging. I highly recommend it! It’s an abstract strategy game for two players. You try to outwit your opponent by stacking pieces so that you can claim territory and be rewarded with victory points. And the pieces are so well designed!


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And the top game like Monopoly is Catan! If you like the idea of trading and building up a civilization, but want something with a bit more strategy and a lot less chance, then Catan is the game for you. Players collect and trade resources in order to build roads, settlements, and cities on their way to 10 victory points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can play this game cooperatively or competitively. The cooperative variant puts one player as the robber who tries to stop other players from collecting goods from the board, while in competitive mode, each player can be a robber.

This game has sold over 18 million copies worldwide since its release in 1995. It’s also won many awards including Game of the Year in 1999; Game of the Century by Games Magazine; and Most Influential Family Game Ever by Time Magazine

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